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Breathing adjuster (Regulator)

Contemporary water lung dives (Scuba Diving) can say is to build base Wu Hu sucks adjuster (the invention of Regulator) . Breathing adjuster (English is general abbreviation Reg. ) have different design and construction, its are main the function is in the atmospheric pressure that suits breath at the air translate into inside bottle of will tall calm sb's anger, make us OK breathe easily. Reg basically distributes a share, call one class head (First Stage) and 2 class head (Second Stage) . One class head receives refute to arrive on gas cylinder, the atmospheric pressure that the high-pressured air inside gas cylinder turns to breathe to suit. Send 2 class head air through enraging larynx next, diver contains 2 class head in the mouth to be able to use a breath (inspiratory and spatio-temporal gas can be outputted from gas cylinder, expiratory and spatio-temporal gas is met from) of eduction of 2 class head. Breathing adjuster still includes to receive refute to arrive commonly the larynx of low-pressure air entrainment of BCD, receive refute to arrive baric appearance implement wait for device with mothball gas source.

Price respect, of cheaper introduction class general more than 1000 yuan rise (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , suit includes baric appearance implement the agreement that waits with mothball gas source is controlled 2000 yuan. More than 3000 yuan suit breath adjuster with via can be intermediate or above. (Of course, different area value can have a difference, show here make referenced) only. Generally speaking, competition of much dive inn chooses much phreatic water area or city greatly, price will be more competitive.

Buoyancy compensates a vest (BCD)

Buoyancy compensates a vest (general abbreviation BCD, bouyancy Compensation Device) . Before (uptodate even very general still) BCD is to show flotage of Bouyancy Control Device(controls vest) , but begin a few this years recently more change call " flotage to compensate vest " (Bouyancy Compensation Device or BC - Buoyancy Compensator) , this is relatively the Quan interpret of beautiful, because of strict and character BCD is flotage of " of control of " of and rather than of flotage of " of compensation of the " when diving. The design of BCD is OK mix air the vest inside (or from air) is given off inside the vest, change buoyancy thereby. Join air means to have two, it is via receiving the larynx of low-pressure air entrainment of the gas cylinder on refute (Low Pressure Inflator) , another it is benefit labour of choose and employ persons blows air (Oral Inflation) . And deflate (Air Releases) has two commonly 3, basically be fluctuation horn, go to the lavatory to be able to give off air more easily from inside BCD when phreatic water. And BCD the reverse side also is mixed of stability the device of laden gas cylinder. The part designs BCD newly, still include inside buy deserves to weigh (Integrated Weight) , press the deflate that make type, mothball gas source is waited a moment.
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