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Give a piece of list that makes a person dazzling to diving sort undertakes frac
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Can be by submersible cent for instance: Type of aspirated of loop of strong pattern dive, gentle style dive, half closedown, should want form of aspirated type, self-sufficient gas.

By cent of phreatic water means: Be not saturated dive, saturated dive.

Divide by breathing gas sort: Air go under water, nitrogen and aerobic gas mixture (artificial air dives) , helium gas and aerobic gas mixture (artificial air dives) , hydric with aerobic gas mixture (artificial air dives) , other gas mixture.

Of course, to the common diver that gives priority to in order to visit, can differ completely according to the purpose undertake going swimming choosing. Visit normally model phreatic water is for 0 distances view and admire colourful marine biology, or sink to seek sea floor only boat (heavy boat goes) , or it is only view and admire a shark (shark goes) etc; And distinguish from excursive landform landforms, can ice goes, cliff goes, burrow goes etc.