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Normally phreatic water activity can be divided go for float with dive giving en
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Show diver is in inside the time that can hold his breath in Yushui skin dive, until cannot expiratory the phreatic water means that rises to surface again. Can divide further it is a float to be in surface not the part of “ pelagian ” of submerge, and hold back lives the part of ” of “ breathless dive that breathes submerge.

Give air go under water:
Show diver can get aeriform supply during phreatic water. Among them water lung dives (Scuba Diving) show diver bears air canister, the air inside canister of by means of breathes the means that dives for long in water, this also is current the most familiar phreatic water pattern, ordinary so called go under water, it is dive of lung pointing to water. Another kind gives air go under water, it is to show diver is during underwater activity, rely on an aspirated canal to carry air the person that go to use from surface, this kind of means is being salvaged for instance only normally when waiting for special aim, use.