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Phreatic water asks basically
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As old little all the activity of appropriate, diver is not put in the age to restrict. Of course, cross low person to be met to the understanding of curricular content considering the age
Have certain difficulty, most dive coachs the organization stipulates the lowermost age that obtains phreatic water letter is 12 years old.

Not the person that arrogate to oneself swims, also can dive. Because ability in swimming actors or actress bad is not the main problem in phreatic water process; But you must have certain natant capacity. Sign up in home when attending phreatic water to practice, normally the requirement can swim 200 meters of right-and-left distances. Of course, won't scared to water, dare open in the eye in water, the person that has good body requirement, suit to be engaged in phreatic water more relatively. What need points out is, the person that have following case does not suit phreatic water: Include Bacchic hind, insane of heart disease, sheep is disease of mad, cold, neurosis, asthma, diabetic, tall (low) nose disease of blood pressure, concerned ear.

Myopia also can dive, because have the face lens of number of belt close diopter. But do not advocate concealed glasses, because be swept easily in underwater lens, more important is when diver rises, each part of eye and body will begin eduction nitrogen euqally, and concealed glasses is met block