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Divingly dot still needs essence of life to carry fine the Maldives that picks c
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Maldives is located in sri lanka south in the maritime space of 650 kilometers, even if list,by north Xiang Na passes equator, formed to grow long reef island group region. Because archaic sea floor is volcanic,1000 many islands are erupt and become, in the center of some protuberant become dune, some central cave in are encircled into cricoid cay. If can take small plane stroll circle in the air atoll of Yumaliena, north, look down at from inside sky Maldives, you are met surely uncannily special, go up without the offing of border, dotted each is like the isle like anadem, a when be just as horizon to shake off and fall an emerald green jade. Green is in the center of the isle, white is all around, and the seawater of close island is shallow blue, water blue, abstruse blue, successive gradually layer, the indian ocean is like the swan flannelette of one side blue, on blue swan flannelette, criterion the halcyon that compose is acting the role of a string to string together and emerald.

Maldives this name is initiative at the Christian era 150 years, generally refer to is located in Ceylon on the west the islands of the bank. A lot of at that time coming from the ship of country of East Africa, Arabia, in the discovery in the voyage beautiful, halcyon Maldives has the haven of appropriate anchor, people also lives on the island madly gradually. This confuses your Xiaoguo to covering the sea area of kilometer of nearly 100 thousand square however, in the island that amid has a dweller 200 times, 73 go vacationing islands restaurant. Each cay is a luxurious go vacationinging hotel. Snow-white and glittering and translucent beach, mirror in the coconut shadow of the dancing in water, the tropical fish with swarm multicolored swarm formed the landscape of “ animation ” of Maldives.

Facing capital horse closely tired is island of luck of airport rich Er, walk 5 minutes to be able to see dock from the airport. Much Buddhist nun boat, mosquito craft, aeroboat is join the airport and go vacationing individually the main vehicle of the hotel, recreational breath head on and come. The much Buddhist nun that is necessary to explain the common of main vehicle —— between join islands says here boat Dhonis this kind of boat arrives from hull, yard, hammer, cable sail draw materials from coco, bearing the weight of the history with local as accrete as the sea 2000 aborigines.