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Phreatic water knowledge travels piece: Path of tirelessly of equipment of resor
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China dives community recommends: Liu of reef of big fort of the Red Sea, Australia, Chu Ke, Guam, silk (Palua) , this Milanese archipelago (Similan) , Balinese (Bali) , Maldives (Maldive) , Shibadan (Sipadan) and Indonesian La Bi (Lembeh) channel

Of our country go what does the dot have?

China dives community recommends: Yunnan strokes north of island of emperor of celestial being lake, the Qin Dynasty to wear river, Hainan 3 inferior on the west island, Hainan 3 inferior island of dividing line continent, Hainan 3 inferior Wu raises bay of Shi Mei of continent island, Hainan fine well island, Hainan 3 Yadadong the sea, Hainan

What preparation does the need before phreatic water travels make?

Day setting out arrives the airport a bit earlier is must (if be the word of international airliner,had better shift to an earlier date at least two hours, if be the word of domestic flight number,shift to an earlier date) of a hour.

The flying airline ticket that the attention wants to had taken you, passport and travel papers, visa (if need) . For instance costly phreatic water computer mixes the valuable that young scrutiny has been in charge of you breathing adjuster.

Ask you to remember the following a few proposals well:

1 as far as possible the bring down loads.

2 pay fee, hit and take the thing, money that sees a movie to use a few small denomination as far as possible, although have some of place,these are cost very expensive.

The mosquito-repellent incense that a bottle of 3 insecticide perhaps burns in the evening also is necessary things.

4 if you go the word that the place is selva climate, the plastic raincoat that pledges gently, windbreak and parasol are indispensable.

The 5 phreatic water certificate that did not forget to had taken you.

6 some diver think the record issues them to dive viatic dive is experienced this, so you still can take phreatic water daily record.

The 7 shield that protect your face lens.

8 appropriate wet go the garment, dry type goes the garment, common swimsuit, wen Ye of good in the understanding before phreatic water water is a necessary step.

9 you also need to take stomach trouble of a few cure the commonly used medicine of other perhaps indisposition.

10 do not forget after you arrive in the morning Tu Fang basks in frost, days besmears again even. Although you besmeared,prevent bask in frost, you are likely also because insolate and by burnable.

11 should rest adequately in the first day when you travel, take a place less as far as possible, especially in the late evening, also do not drink too much wine. Can 12 drink bottled water, but avoid to eat unripe salad to also not be in the ground eat on booth sordid fastfood.

13 when you arrive, check first ensure your dive equips to had adjusted appropriate, aboard wants him to listen to good dive to grow explanatory dive plan, if you have any not clear places,make clear Hunan at once.
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