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The aquatic sports of Sha Ba island
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To esteeming for the tourist of nature, sha Ba is the one station that the person makes enchanted most in the brigade of Malaysia. If you like expeditionary stimulation, can enter virgin forest to wade, exploration grotto, raft crosses a river, peep “ to grow the daily life of nose monkey ” , or head for deep-sea fishing, or phreatic water views and admire multicoloured marine biology; If you like challenge ego, can the Beijing of the first height of ascend southeast Asia that Ba Lu (Kinabalu) hill (altitude 4101 meters of) ; If you have deep love for local customs, can visit tribe to grow house, the “ of ground of body road inspection is fought worry ” market; If you treasure life, 0 distances contact the forestry reserve with OK and alive the biggest group person of mother-in-law Luozhou forest is simian (Orang Utan) , laifoxiya spends the biggest flowers ——— on appreciation world; If your athleticism, can play to the top of one's bent sail, slippery water, houseboat or it is …… of dozen of tennis, golf actually here east the maritime lung of park of state of aunt A Dou Laman is wild  branch of a river more let stream of people forget to return repeatedly, each old hotel group builds those who had 5 stars class to go vacationing here village.

Recommend reason: The sun that Sha Ba has beautiful beach, warmth not only reachs individual humanitarian amorous feelings, still esteem the heaven of nature tourist, virgin forest, grotto, river, wild animal, deep-sea, tribal, sail, slippery water is the reason place that makes a person enchanted. Here, you can accompany bird sound to fall asleep, the sofa that lies in the hotel above drinking fruit juice edge to see novel …… bask in a comfortable sunbathe also is right choice. The tourist that has deep love for natural adventure people, can move back and forth in the forest more, with wild animal associate with, participate in exciting motion to wait, a leisurely swims holiday spreads out … at this point…

The marine biology travel with Sha Ba substantial island is stuck person

Visa: Accept individual visa, him need goes diplomatic mission hands over a passport, add picture of 1 piece of passports, 3 jobs can obtain visa in a few days, charge 80 yuan of RMBs.

Traffic: Malaysia each district has a lot of airliners to fly to elder brother of Sha Ba metropolis to make capital that Ba Lu (Kota Kinabalu) city, the airport is located in urban southwest the coast of A Lu cape of 8.5 kilometers all around. The time of regular bus operation that reachs the urban district from the airport is ∶ of 6 ∶ 00-21 30, every other 10-30 minute have, the journey 25 minutes, fare 1 horse money, the taxi needs 10-13 horse money about. If late night taxi reachs the urban district, fare is controlled in 20 horses money.

Accommodation: Sha Ba has a lot of 4, the hotel of 5 stars class can offer an alternative with the village that cross a holiday, just the price will be a few more tallish. If hope and nature are closer, be located in a cloth south (the brigade on the tree by highway of Tam Juan Bunan) is abandoned the idealest nevertheless. Additional, still characteristic spends false village, for instance golf goes vacationing lira of village, sweet case goes vacationing village, Raman of the park fine inferior (on Gaya) island (the SabahParksOffice of office of park of Sha Ba state that the accommodation here must be in the urban district books) , go vacationing there still is shellfish farm inside the village, forest still have birdie perch, have life flavor very much.
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